Case Actions

How do we build an Inclusive, Open Environment for Makers of all ages and gender?

In three case actions, the we specifically look at aspects of gender, openness and the recruitment of young talents:


The Critical Making Gender Case Action will increase gender awareness practices in the maker community. This is achieved through piloting 3-4 co-created measures to counteract the existing gender imbalance in maker spaces and in online spaces and create guidelines on gender awareness.

Young Talents

The Critical Making Young Talents Case Action will support the engagement of young people in maker spaces and further Research & Innovation activities via maker space actions and educational programmes that expand the formal curriculum with skills for responsible research and innovation.


The Critical Making Openness Case Action will provide methods to strengthen the social responsibility of the open hardware movement. This is achieved by piloting a mentoring programme for RRI aware, open hardware business innovations with a special emphasis on projects that advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through open science, social innovations or environmental sustainability.

Celebrating Women in Engineering with Wikifactory and WES.

Engineers, designers and makers across 190 countries are working together on Wikifactory combining their knowledge, skills, new research and innovation to design and prototype product solutions that tackle the long-term and structural challenges of our time.

It’s this Critical Making with others that gives me the space to pause, make and unmake. And hopefully it also does this for the collaborators with whom I work.

Dr. Angelika Strohmayer – Northumbria University, School of Design

Let’s co-create the future of Making!